Friday, May 18, 2007

Small schools at CAJE 32

I will be leading a discussion session for participants from small supplementary schools at the CAJE conference in St. Louis (August 5-9). This year our topic is "Small Schools: Building Community to Enhance Learning." Here's the description:

Teaching students to be part of the Jewish community is our goal, but what if our community is small, geographically remote, religiously diverse, denominationally isolated, or all of the above? In this session we’ll discuss the ways that our communities help to educate our students. We’ll share strategies for building community within the school, for building relationships beyond the limits of school time and space, and for helping our students to become part of a larger Jewish world.

I would welcome replies (to okmoreh) from people in small schools, even if you won't be at CAJE this year, about issues and concerns that you might want the session to address. If you have approaches that you've used and would like to share, you might save them for the session if you can attend, or include them in email to me if you know that you can't attend.

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